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Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga Course

Event Details When: Starts Wednesday 22 October 2014 (7.30-8.45pm)
Cost: £70
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Learn the fundamentals of the Ashtanga yoga practice in a slow, safe and comprehensive manner. This structured course is perfect for complete beginners to yoga or those who would like to deepen their understanding of the Ashtanga yoga system.

With a set sequence of postures and a unique system of breath synchronised movement, this style of yoga creates heat in the body, making you sweat, allowing you to move freely and release toxins. A regular yoga practice brings strength and flexibility in the body and focus and clarity in the mind. Ashtanga yoga will complement and enhance any other training or exercise programs you are undertaking. It'll help you move and breathe more efficiently, feel more relaxed and centred. It's physically challenging and will increase strength and improve flexibility - it'll be the best thing you do this year!

In this six week course you will learn Sun Salutations, the fundamental standing postures and be introduced to some of the seated postures with modifications if required. You'll also learn the correct breathing techniques and begin to learn the philosophy of the Ashtanga yoga system. You'll learn a little bit about the Mysore style approach to Ashtanga too.

Over the course we'll break down the sequence of postures. Each week we'll work on a bit more of the sequence building on prior weeks and you'll be given homework to practise between classes! Once you've completed the course you'll be ready to attend any of the regular classes on the timetable.

It's important that you attend all classes in the course.

Additional information:

• Dates:
Wednesday 22/29 October & 5/12/19/26 November 2014.
• Time:
7.30 - 8.45pm
• Cost:
£70 (Please ensure when you book you can attend the course as we will only refund 50% of your payment if you cannot attend). Spaces are limited.
• This course is not suitable for pregnancy. If you have any injury concerns please get in touch to discuss.
• Once you have signed up and paid your deposit we will email you with additional course information like what you need to bring, where we are, what to wear etc.

The Gifts of Yoga with James Boag

Event Details When: 24-26 October 2014
Cost: £140 Full Weekend
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Yoga: What, When, Where, Who, How and Why?

7 - 9.30pm Friday 24 October 2014

What's yoga all about and what's it got to do with me and my life?
When, where and how does 'yoga' happen?
What are its origins? Who is it for? What is a 'yogi'?
And what about yoga 'practice'?
How and why does yoga work, and why is it important in our world today?

In this talk James will answer these questions and more, bringing the practical teachings of the yoga tradition clearly into the context of our lives today.

Themed Asana Exploration – Cultivating Balance and Harmony

10am - 12.30pm Saturday 25 October 2014

What are we really doing when we practice yogasana? Using the classical definitions of yoga and asana as our frame, we will explore how the meaning and symbolism encoded in the names of the asana-s can provide multi-layered practical guidance to inform and empower our practice as we use it to cultivate the experience of unity, balance and integration. This workshop class will unlock some of the beautiful layers of instruction within the Sanskrit names and terms for practice, and work with principles that can be applied to and enhance any style/modality of yogasana practice.

12.30 - 2pm Vegetarian Lunch

One of the key teachings of Yoga, emphasised in the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutra-s, is that practice is really everything we do. Here, we will consider eating as a joyful yoga practice transforming lunch into a nourishing exercise in mindfulness.

Discussion - The Eight Limbs & You: Astanga as a Frame for Life

2 - 4pm Saturday 25 October 2014

Always practical, yoga works with robust principles that can help us navigate the challenges of life and transform them into opportunities. The eight mutually supportive limbs – the astanga – provide a wonderfully inclusive framework and powerful lenses to help us live in a way that is in line with our true desires and highest interests. James will show clearly how you can work with the eight limbs whether you practice asana (postures) in any style or not.

Kirtan with James

4.15 - 5.30pm Saturday 25 October 2014

Join James in the blissful practice of Kirtan and experience it as a rewarding and powerful part of yoga practice. James will also speak briefly about Sanskrit as an energy based language and how Kirtan relates to other paths of yoga. Everyone's welcome, the chanting will be call and response - no need to know the words or hold a tune!

Themed Asana Exploration - Solar Power: Surya Namaskara

10am - 12.30pm Sunday 26 October 2014

The Surya Namaskara or Sun Salutation is a foundation practice in many yogasana modalities. Here, we will explore how it serves as a microcosm of the whole course of yoga practice and can be harnessed to help us skillfully cultivate the qualities that invite greater space, freedom, potential and harmony into all aspects of our lives.

12.30 - 2pm Vegetarian Lunch

Using another delicious meal as our support, we'll Focus on nourishing the centre, experiencing our meal as a means of holistic nourishment, transforming it into a practice to cultivate gratitude.

Discussion – The Bhagavad Gita and You

2 - 4pm Sunday 26 October 2014

Treasured in all yoga lineages, the Bhagavad Gita is set on the battlefield, the teaching given in the middle, between the two sets of armies. And this is where yoga happens, right in the thick of it, in the middle of the whirling wonder of life. The task of the yogic 'warrior' is to establish and then safeguard the peace. With images of arresting power and memorable beauty, the Gita tells us clearly how to do this.

In this talk James will focus on key, practical and inclusive teachings of the Gita: the 'secrets' of the yoga tradition; how we can transform difficulties into opportunities; yoga as balance and skillfulness; how we can work with the gifts of our bodies, senses and minds to live in deeper peace and happiness.

Kirtan with James

4.15 - 5.30pm Sunday 26 October 2014

Kirtan is the practice of using sound to facilitate a state of deep integration and relaxation, and its call and response chanting is a long way outside what many of us feel comfortable with. Explore beyond your comfort zone, stretch yourself and be adventurous!


James Boag: A Biography

James teaches yoga as a holistic life practice around the world, and is renowned for bringing the traditional, scriptural teachings of yoga to vivid life in ways which make clear their relevance and practical application in our lives today. James' practice and teaching grow from their roots in the Shankaracaraya Vedic tradition and the school of Kashmir Shaivism. He's been teaching yoga and leading kirtan regularly since 2003 and teaching since 1993. Since 2008, James has spent over half his time in Mysore, where he completed an MA in Sanskrit in 2012, and where he also leads kirtan and courses on the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras attended by international students of many of Mysore's renowned yogasana teachers.


Workshop costs

Full Weekend £140 inclusive of lunch both days
Individual Day (Saturday/Sunday) £70 inclusive of lunch
Morning Session £40 (inclusive of lunch) / Afternoon session £30 / Kirtan £10 / Friday Night Session £30


Jambo Truong Weekend Workshop

Event Details When: 22/23 November 2014
Cost: £100 Full Weekend
Booking Form:
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Saturday 22 November 2014


Jambo will break down the components of effective back bending to change your relationship with your diaphragm, core and legs to support your back bending practice and the health of your back. This workshop is informative and experiential so expect lots of trying, demonstrations and hands on assists!

It's a mixed level workshop suitable for everyone including both beginners and teachers.


This popular workshop of intelligently sequenced postures will give you the skills to free yourself from pain (or prevent pain) and strengthen your back.

Sunday 23 November 2014


Developing the themes of safe and strong backbending from yesterday's sessions this workshop will combine back bending whilst in inversions!

To get the most out of this sessions Jambo suggests you be comfortable holding downward dog with your feet on the wall for five steady breaths.

2.30-5pm DOUBLE YOGA (Partner Yoga)

This workshop develops the many layers of practice and communication seen in Acro Yoga. We'll gradually build up the difficulty of the partner work we do enabling you to work towards advanced acro yoga postures. If you can, bring a friend to work with - not essential!


Jambo Truong: A Biography

Jambo is a Consultant of Complementary Medicine with a specialist interest in Classical Oriental Medicine & Ayurveda.

He is traveling assistant to Ana Forrest & a senior teacher in the Forrest Yoga system. He is consultant advisor for Yoga Therapy on behalf of Yoga Alliance UK, Newcastle City Council (Addictions/Hepatitis) & Body Positive North East (HIV/Sexual Health).

Jambo Yoga contributes profits towards creating sustainable yoga and well-being services amongst leas privileged communities.

This workshop is open to students, teachers & therapists - all levels welcome.


Workshop Costs

Full Weekend        £100
One Day               £55
Individual Session £30



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